One of the best and more creative ways to discover Santorini is by participating in some of its well-organized tours.  Santorini offers you a wide variety of excursions, some of them fall into the classic category while others are way off the beaten path. In this article, we have prepared for you a list with some of the best Santorini tours, that will allow you to delve into the exquisite and unique beauty of the island while having some of the greatest experiences of your life. Continue reading, in order to discover the best tour for you depending on your personal needs and taste!

Discover Santorini’s tradition & history via cultural tours

If you are fond of traditional architecture, you will definitely enjoy a tour to Santorini’s blue domed churches as they are a great example of Cycladic architecture. The island has around  650 churches due to its strong religious roots among them there are also the famous cave churches that are interwoven with the long religious history of the island. If you decide to have a tour to Santorini churches you must definitely be prepared for hiking as some of the churches are located on the mountains of Santorini. 

If you are a history lover, we definitely suggest that you take a tour to the famous Akrotiri excavation as it is among the best Santorini tours in order to get familiar with the rich ancient past of the island. You can choose to visit Akrotiri by yourself or take part in an organized tour with a tourist guide explaining the history of the exhibits of the ancient settlement. In Akrotiri, you will find the remnants of a prehistoric flourishing society, which had a tragic ending due to the destructive volcano eruption that took place around  1613 BC. Furthermore, you can learn more about Santorini’s history taking a tour to Thira’s  prehistoric museum, exhibiting also some great findings of the Akrotiri excavation.

Have a taste of the famous Santorini wines via an exciting Wine tour

One of the many reasons that make Santorini famous around the world is its great and unique wine, produced by local wineries, using santorinian grape varieties. In a wine tour you will have the chance to follow the wine-making procedure from the first step which is harvesting the grapes of the vineyards to the last one, which is  the bottling and the labeling of the wine. At the end of your tour, you will also have the chance to taste a glass of your chosen wine paired with local cheese and other traditional treats that will boost its unique flavor, even more.

Furthermore, if you are particularly interested in Santorini’s wine-making history, we suggest you take a tour of the Koutsoyannopoulos wine museum in order to have a closer look at exhibits showing the evolution of viticulture on the island. The exhibits include wine making machinery, belonging to the Koutsoyannopoulos family and waxwork simulating daily wine-related activities of the past.

Explore the geological history of the island via a boat tour

The volcanic nature of Santorini is one of the key factors that forged its thrilling history. Thus, a boat tour is one of the best Santorini tours that you can have, offering you a whole different perspective of the island and the impact that the volcanic eruptions had on its shape. 

In Santorini island there are plenty of options considering boat tours depending on your taste and budget. We strongly recommend that you take a tour that includes a visit to small geological formations such as Palaia Kameni. There you will have the chance to have a bath in its famous hot springs, which are also known for their therapeutic properties. You should also visit Nea Kameni, which is the most recent geological formation in Europe, offering a great perspective of the impressive caldera.

Overall, Taking part in the best Santorini tours will provide you with experiences that will help you get to know Santorini in a unique and immersive way. Another way to do so is by renting a car in Santorini from AutoCenter.

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