Santorini is an iconic Greek island famous for its breathtaking sunsets, picturesque villages and of course for its imposing volcano. If you have already decided to visit Santorini, we highly recommend you to rent a car in order to have easy and hassle free transportation, to every corner of the island and explore it at your own pace and create your individual tour program! We understand that driving in Santorini might seem a little intimidating at first, as most of the village streets are really narrow and also sometimes and at first you may find it hard to navigate!

To help you out with some queries you may have and make your driving experience, we have created for you a guide with all the things you should know before you drive in Santorini!

What are the legal documents needed to drive in Santorini?

 Driving Regulations in Santorini follow the general law requirements, which applies to the rest of the country!

To be more specific, to drive in Santorini, it is mandatory to have an International Driving Permit (IDP). An International Driving Permit is basically the translation of your domestic driving license allowing you to drive a private motor vehicle in any country or jurisdiction that recognises the document. In order to get your driving international permit, you can easily apply online, uploading your license and a photo. The document that you will receive will be translated in 12 wide-spoken languages and it will be valid for 150 countries including Greece.

If you are an EU citizen, you can use your EU driving license which is valid to all 27 countries of the European Union! This regulation applies also to the citizens of UK.  Another important thing to know is that driving is allowed only for people above the age of 17!

Santorini roads

Santorini roads might be a little tricky at first as they are nothing like the roads of a big city! If it is your first time driving in Santorini, you should remember you will drive through some curved roads due to the crescent shape of the island.  

Within the various small towns and villages, the roads are narrow, often cobbled. You should keep in mind that some of them only allow one way driving. In many areas, there are no sidewalks so you should also keep an eye for pedestrians, stray cats & dogs.

Santorini Parking

Parking in Santorini is quite easy as there is a lot of free space in most of the villages of the island. There are parking lots in most of the towns and villages and it’s usually possible to squeeze into a parking spot. It’s also permissible to park on the street so long as you don’t block the road. If you feel unsure for where you may park just stick to the places where other cars are parked. Even if you don’t find a parking spot to the exact place that you want, it is sure that you will have to walk only a few steps, as the distances inside the settlements are really short!

The most beautiful Santorini Drives

  • Akrotiri Lighthouse

Akrotiri Lighthouse was built in the 9th-century and is located to the Southwest part of the island. Akrotiri Lighthouse is a quite popular spot among the locals ,who seek to admire the sunset views without the tourist crowds.

Driving to Akrotiri, you’ll pass by some enchanting isolated beaches and the village of Akrotiri, in a walking distance of the village you will find the archeological excavation of Ancient Akrotiri, a settlement that thrived through the prehistoric era.

  • Vlychada Beach

Vlychada beach is quite long and consists of dark sand. There you will have the chance to enjoy fresh seafood dishes to the local restaurants near the beach while you admire spectacular views of the Aegean sea! On your drive, you can stop at numerous attractions such as the imposing black-sand beach of Perisa. 

  • Pyrgos

Pyrgos is the highest settlement in Santorini and driving to it, will offer you exceptional mountain views of the island! The village of Pyrgos was built in the medieval times and it boasts a maze of lanes and hidden alleys threading around the picturesque whitewashed and stone buildings. 

Driving a car in Santorini will not only provide you with a hassle free transportation across the island but will also allow you to explore every aspect to its beauty!

Rent your car in Santorini from AutoCenter and enjoy a high quality driving experience across the island!

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