Santorini is undeniably a bucket list destination for many tourists as it’s one of the most iconic islands of Greece. That means that the visitors of the island tend to visit the most popular places of Santorini such as Oia and Fira, in order to watch the sunset and take some pictures that will later be posted on instagram.  Although the popular tourist attractions of Santorini are for sure quite compelling, sometimes they can get overcrowded. We understand that this could be a deal breaker for those who wish to spend their vacation in a more alternative and tranquil way. The reason why we are posting this article is to help you discover the less known side of the island and enjoy the Santorini experience to its full potential. Continue reading and you will come upon some of the most beautiful Santorini hidden gems that will help you feel the true essence of Santorini.


Despite the fact that Pyrgos is not the first place that will cross your mind  when you think of Santorini, it is one of the most picturesque villages of the island, being a representative example of Santorini hidden gems. Pyrgos is located  7 km south of Fira and it is the largest preserved village on the island. Pyrgos is also the former capital of the island, which is mainly a reasult of its strategic location. Pyrgos is built at the highest point of the island, in the heart of the pre-volcanic hinterland, offering its visitors a panoramic view of Santorini. Walking on the small streets of Pyrgos you will see a more tranquil site of Santorini emerging. If you want to have a cup of coffee, you can make a stop at the central square of the settlement. There, you will find a setting  of absolute serenity, with cats strolling around under the shade of the pine trees. 


Imerovigli is also known with the epithet The balcony of Aegean, because it is built at the majestic cliffs of Caldera. The village of Imerovigli is situated at the north part of the island 3 km away from Fira, the capital of the island. One of the attractions that you should definitely see at Imerovigli is the immense Skaros rock. In the past, Skaros Rock was a location of great strategic importance because it served as an observation post, providing protection to the locals from the pirate raids. If you are interested in religious tourism, we recommend you to visit the traditionally built churches at Imerovigli, as well as the monastery of St. Nicholas. Finally, for those who love hiking , we  recommend to walk the path between Fira and Imerovigli and enjoy the spectacular view of Caldera along the way.


Ammoudi is a picturesque small harbour, located at the northwest coast of Santorini, just a breath away from the idyllic Oia and it might be the most unconventional of Santorini hidden gems.  The bay of Ammoudi extends under the imposing Caldera cliffs. Besides, admiring the azure waters of its sea and the boats floating on them, you can have a walk on the waterfront of Ammoudi. There, you can have a taste of fresh seafood dishes, visiting one of the many taverns located on it. 

Another experience that you should definitely try if you visit Ammoudi, is swimming to its crystal blue waters. Although there are no beach facilities, there is a diving center in the area for those who enjoy diving. Ammoudi is far from what you would expect from a cosmopolitan beach, but it is undeniably a great alternative experience of Santorini.  

Santorini Open Air Cinema

Santorini Open Air Cinema is among  the best outdoor cinemas in Europe. It is located in Kamari and is a 12-minute drive from Fira. There, you can watch some great movies, mostly in english.  The cinema is quite spacious, having one hundred seats and its verdant surroundings make it the ideal place to enjoy a summer evening in Santorini. The facilities of the cinema include a small bar selling all the typical theater fare, but also drinks and cocktails. Overall, Cine Kamari is one of Santorini hidden gems that will allow you to get familiar with a more care-free side of the island and enjoy some cultural activities such as film-watching.

In a nutshell, Santorini has a lot more to offer you than just its famous locations. If you are keen on the alternative side of the island, you can visit some of the Santorini hidden gems, mentioned in the article and experience your vacation in the most wonderful and surprising way.

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