Located about 200km southern of Greece mainland, Santorini, officially known as Thira, is one of the most unique and magical island in the world. Santorini is not famous only because of her natural beauty but also because of her great history. 
The myth goes back thousands of years ago when many used to identify the ancient Thira civilization with Atlantis. The volcano which erupted, dipped a part of the island and left its trace on the caldera. Today the results of this eruption give us the opportunity to admire the mythical view of the caldera with cave houses and blue domed churches hanging on the cliff, making it a must worldwide destination.


Santorini’s landscape is packed with pleasant surprises, unique fragrances and areas of outstanding natural beauty.


Products of the island are also unique. The reason of course is the volcanic Lavas of Santorini grounds. The secret to their great taste is that they grow without additional water, just on the moisture held in their roots. Tomato, fava, caper and chloro cheese are some of local products that you have to try before leaving the island. All these products are part of the well known Aegean Cuisine.

Outings for nature lovers

One of the most important things that you have to do in Santorini is to see the breathtaking sunset from the cliff of the caldera. Santorini is also well known because of her blue domed churches. In every village or corner of the island there are small and large churches that are well worth a visit.

History Akrotiri / Ancient Thira/ Wine Museums

The prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. A city that has remained alive for 3.500 years beneath the lava, tells its story to today’s visitors. Findings from Akrotiri are exhibited at the Museum of the “Prehistoric Thira” in Fira downtown. Ancient Thira located at the west side of Mesa Vouno above Kamari village. Today visitors can admire its cobbled streets, the ruins of the ancient temples, animals-symbols of gods carved in the rock and inscriptions, the theater of the city with a magnificent view at the Agora area. Amazing multi-purpose tours are held at the Wine Museum, where guests have the opportunity to taste and learn more about the renowned product of Santorini.

Culture and Events

The Easter in Santorini is celebrated with solemn and glory. Particularly the atmosphere in the village of Pyrgos is very nice with candle lights spread at the street sides on Holy Friday.
On 15th August is the biggest celebration held in Santorini for the feast day of Holy Virgin, in the church of Panagia Episkopi. Preparations start one day before with traditional food and local wine which is distributed to the people.
The Ifestia Festival (meaning the Greek Volcano festival) is organized annually in Santorini, every August. It involves a representation of the eruption of the island’s volcano with fireworks and a series of interesting events, concerts and dance performances.


Beaches in Santorini are the point where the Aegean blue meets the black, red and white sand that the islands’ volcanic heritage left behind. Santorini beaches can’t be found anywhere in the world. Starting with the most impressive one, the Red beach is a deep red bay with fine pebbles, where high red rocks seem to have plunged into the sea. On the other hand Vlychada is a more quiet beach where the white sculptured pumice rocks create a lunar landscape perfectly combined with the black sand and blue sea. Perivolos and Kamari are both award winning beaches that worth a visit.

Night life

Santorini, the perfect romantic destination in everyone’s hearts, has a perfect combination of tranquility and nightlife, something for everybody. Fira is in the saddle of clubbing and entertainment. They all boast marvelous cocktails and drinks, famous Greek and international performers and loud music of any kind. They are situated closely together so you can visit more than one each night in order to get an taste of Santorini’s pulse. The open-air beach bars and clubs along the long promenade in Perivolos and Kamari, grow louder at night. They host various events with famous DJs and singers that lead to great parties until morning.
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