Santorini is one of the most famous destinations in Greece but also all around the world. Although Santorini is interwoven with Greek summer, it is also a magical destination for all times of the year. Thats’ s why in this article we are going to provide you with a handful of reasons why you should absolutely not miss the chance to visit Santorini in spring and discover a whole different perspective of this cosmopolitan island. 

Enjoying mild weather with no extreme heat

 Santorini may be an extremely popular destination in summer but many of its visitor find the hot weather of this time of year to be unbearable. To be fair it is true that the hot and dry cycladic climate may prevent you from  delving into the Santorini experience to its full extent. In spring Santorini weather is mild yet not uncomfortable, creating the perfect conditions for walks and activities such as hiking on the mountains of the island. 

Furthermore, Santorini’s natural beauty is at its best, as Santorini has not only to offer imposing volcanic and sea views but also an extremely diverse fauna and flora. In Spring you will have the opportunity to admire all kinds of flowers blooming on Santorini’s hills and hear the local birds singing.

Avoiding the crowds

Santorini is a huge summer destination for vacationers from all around the globe, ranking among the 7 most visited destinations for cruise ships! That may be a wonderful thing if you enjoy big crowds and relentless parting, but it also might be a deal breaker if you seek a more relaxing and carefree way to spend your vacation.

Well, if you fall into the second category, you need to know that this doesn’ t have to be a forbidding factor! If you want to visit the magical island of Santorini, you should  choose a time when it’s not so crowded and you will have the chance to visit any place you want on the island without needing to worry that you might get stuck with a bunch of strangers, watching the rather beautiful Santorini sunset! Spring is the perfect time of the year for you, as the island is far less crowded than the high season but still keeps its cosmopolitan mentality with almost every restaurant and hotel on the island operating.

Celebrating Easter

Easter is one of the two biggest holidays of the Eastern Orthodox Church! In Greece, it is honored with various customs and religious ceremonies. Santorini is an exceptional place to experience Greek Easter, as its many traditional churches create an atmosphere of reverence and serenity.

The heart of Santorini’s Easter beats in the picturesque village of Pyrgos. The night, After the deposition of the Cross, starts the funeral of Jesus Christ at the narrow alleys of Pyrgos. Before that, young men have gone around the village, carrying torch lighters to lighten up hundreds of aluminum cans on every rooftop, church, and path, as well as on the Venetian castle.  On the night of Christ’s resurrection fireworks are lit all over the island, creating a festive atmosphere all over it. That’s why a lot of the Easter visitors of Santorini don’t miss the chance to take wonderful photos of this magical night!

Booking on much lower prices

Maybe the most important benefit of visiting Santorini in Spring, especially early on, is the much more affordable prices on airport tickets and hotel rooms. Thus, if you book your flight quite in advance, you might get a wonderful deal! Regarding your accommodation you might not get every amenity that you would have in the high season, but you will still receive excellent service, in a quite lower price range!

In this article we listed some excellent reasons why you should consider visiting Santorini in Spring! Regardless of what time of the year you will choose to visit the iconic island of Santorini, there is no doubt that you will end up falling in love with this Greek paradise of unspoken beauty! 

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