Excursion to the Best Beaches on Santorini

Santorini is undeniably one of the most beautiful islands, not only in Greece but also all around the world.Santorini is actually not one, but a group of islands which consists of Thira,Thirassia, Aspronisi, Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni. The whole complex of Santorini’s islands is a Volcano, which although it had many violent eruptions the past thousands years, it remains still active. The unique volcanic nature of the island is the cause of the formation of its remarkable beaches.

Although the beautiful island of Santorini has a lot to offer you, it is beyond any doubt that its unique beaches will steal your heart away as long as you first see them. In this article you will find some recommendations about the best beaches in Santorini that you could visit  

Red Beach

Red beach is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches on Santorini. The beach is located 12 km away from the area of Akrotiri and near the ancient site of Akrotiri, a place of great archaeological value. The red sand and the red pebbles of the beach combined with the breathtaking red cliffs surrounding it compose a captivating scenery that is definitely worth visiting.The beach is relatively small, and it is often crowded, before you visit it make sure that you have provide yourself with all the supplies that you are going to need as the beach is semi-organized.

One more suggestion that you should take under consideration, visiting the Red Beach is bringing with you a high resolution camera. This is due to the fact that Red beach does not only have a place among the best beaches on Santorini but is also the most photographed one.

Perivolos Beach

Perivolos beach is the longest black beach of the island. It is located at a distance of 10 km away from Fira and it is known for its azure tranquil waters.The black volcanic sand of the beach along with the atmosphere of serenity that it emits, make Perivolos  a popular attraction for locals and tourists. The beach is extremely well-organized, as it has several hotels, restaurants and a lot of greek traditional taverns. The idyllic landscape of the beach, in combination with its cosmopolitan character, make it the ideal setting for a lot of couples who select Perivolos as their wedding venue. 

Perissa Black Sand Beach

Perissa black sand beach is located at the village of Perissa near the Perivolos beach.The beach of Perissa collects among the best beaches in Santorini not only because it’s natural beauty,  but because of the fact that it is well-organized as well. At this beautiful beach consisting of lava sand you will find a big selection of comfortable lounging chairs, umbrellas and anything else that you could possibly need. At Perissa beach, you could also have the exciting experience of watersports as there are organized facilities. Leaving this beautiful beach you could also visit the ancient settlement of Mesa Vouno Mountain, as the beach lies at its base.

Kamari Beach

Kamari beach is one of the most famous and family- friendly beaches of the island. The beach is located at the foot of Mesa Vouno mountain, on Which is settled ancient Thera. The beach consists of black sand and has lovely crystal blue waters. Although it is quite busy because of its popularity among the tourists, it has been awarded with the Blue Flag, one of the most prestigious awards around the globe for beaches and Marinas. 

Vlychada Beach

Vlychada Beach is a landscape of rare picturesque beauty. It’s imposing cliffs carved by nature’s elements look like monumental sculptures. Vlychada is located 13 km away from Fira. Its beauty, along with its easy accessibility makes it a really cosmopolitan spot on the island. In Vlychada beach you will find amenities such as sunbeds and refreshing cocktails.

Cape Columbo Beach

Cape Columbo is maybe the most unspoiled beach of the island. The beach is located 4 km away from Oia and within a distance of 12 km of the Capital of Santorini, Fira. The beach is not organized, so you need to be well prepared in order to visit it, supplying yourself with everything you are going to need.

Although the beach is not usually crowded, it’s one of the best beaches on Santorini that you can visit. The beach is named after the crater Columbo which lies 500 meters below sea level. The thermal activity caused by the crater is the reason why the seawater of the area is quite warm. This makes it one of the best beaches in Santorini for those who don’t like getting cold, swimming.

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